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Take Your Game to the Next Level

Recovery Edge Compression System

Recovery Edge Features

The Recovery Edge System is simple to use and is an essential tool to enhance your training routine.

Simple to Use

Lightweight, portable, and can be worn on any part of the body.

Advanced Controller

Advanced pneumatic compression device with advanced sequential gradient technology.


Increase Circulation

Increasing circulation increases blood flow and helps remove waste products from the body.


Reduce Soreness

Sequential compression forces the body to flush out metabolic waste to reduce soreness and muscle fatigue.


Complete Mobility

Lightweight and transportable in its briefcase and completely autonomous.


Reduce Risk of Injury

Use as a pre-exercise tool for muscles and joints to increase circulation, boost muscle power, and reduce injury risk.


Recover Faster

Expedite the body’s muscle recovery in 15-30 minutes of use—equal to 12-24 hours of natural rest.


Perform Better

How you recover after every training makes a big difference in your performance the next day.

Pneumatic Compression: How It Works

The Recovery Edge Therapy System is a medical-grade compression device which helps accelerate recovery time from muscle soreness and stiffness—in the comfort of your own home! Compression therapy, like that provided by the Recovery Edge Therapy System, enhances the body’s natural process of circulation to eliminate metabolic waste without any post-activity delay, offering a host of benefits.


The Complete Recovery Edge System

What People Are Saying

Lauren McGuire
Recovery Edge Therapy has really allowed me to optimize my recovery getting my legs flushed and ready for my next day of training!
Lauren McGuire
Professional Speed Skater, Team Canada Competing in the World Cup, Canada Cup, North American Championships
Diego Sanchez
Being 33 years old, recovery has to be a main focus in order to stay at the top of my game. The complete system is a must for me. I couldn’t imagine training without it.
Diego Sanchez
Professional Mixed Martial Artist KOTC Welterweight Champion, All-Time Leader in UFC Fight of the Night Awards, 2x UFC Fight of the Year Awards
Michal Brezina
It’s great to use this System after a long day of training and having my feet locked in skates all day, it really helps getting my feet back into action for the next day.
Michal Brezina
Professional Figure Skater 2013 European Bronze Medalist, 2011 Skate America Champion, 2010 Czech National Champion, 2009 World Junior Silver Medalist

Start Improving Your Recovery Today

Improve clinical outcomes and create new revenue from day oneYour recovery is just as important as your workout. Bring your performance to the next level with Recovery Edge Pneumatic Compression.